Alfred Art Walk Galleries

This gallery contains 5 photos.


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[Interactice Media] Game Jam asset and BGM

This two BGM (I made them into one video) are for the 2017 Game Jam event, Chupacabra Defense.

The first one is for the title, and the second one is for in game.

I tried my best to made these music loop-able, so when the programmer put the music in it will go on forever.

test coin2

this asset are suppose to be the coin in the game as the score icon. I tried to made this coin fit with other drawing style which a bit Cartoony.

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[Interactive Media] Level and Asset design


In this first stage of design, I want to make a stealth game.

The main goal in this game is to avoid enemy guards and save VIP to a position.

In addition, I want to create an enemy with eyesight, game will be over if guards see player in action and the VIP will be killed. I also want to make this game little close to realistic and more fun, by creating obstacles that can block guards’ eyesight and players can hide behind obstacles to avoid guard’s attention.

The location will be mostly inside a building, I will crate mostly floor and boxes texture as asset.


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Interactive Design Lectures and Workshops (2)



Today i attended the Abject Architect Landscape Survey one gallery created by Lee McCormick Griggs hosted in Alfred University Gallery. Lee is a designer and artist who born in November 28, 1988. He has many beautiful work and it really amaze me when I attended this gallery.

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Interactive Design Lectures and Workshops (1)


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Interactive Design WordPress theme final

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Gallery write up for Art History 2 (2)


Core Sample additional findings Gallery is the second in a series of exhibitions that explore the permanent collection of Alfred Ceramic Art Museum. All of its work are based on porcelain. With porcelain, you can make tones of different art in it, its a great material to play with when you have ideas.

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