[Interactive Media] Tactical RPG asset process 2

health bar (1)

after a few discussion with group member and the CIT team, we conclude that a vertical health bar beside the character in the map will help player to see each character’s health clearly so a player dont have to take a second look for each character’s health. when i made the health bar, i go through lots of option, but eventually i decided to stick with the hand draw style to match the character, I also focusing on the scale on the health bar to make sure it will still be easy to see when in small size.

damage number skin.png


damage number examplehealing number example

When we talking about how to make the game more juicy, we think that it might look better to have a damage number pop up every time a character get hurts or heals. So a player can know exactly how much health did a character lose, and how much healing a character get. I prefer some bouncing animation when showing these damage number so it will attract attention and make the game a little bit juicy.

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[Production 1] music video part 1, music


Tools: FL Studio, Audition.



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[Interactive Media] Tactical RPG asset process 1

health bar

Asset #1: Health Bar.


  1. make sure it can be seen clearly in small sizes.
  2. create multiple options.
  3. the health bar might need to be vertical.
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[Interactive Media] First game using UNITY


First time making game using Unity, lots of excitement and brand new experience. I had a lot of fun making this game, discovery all kind of asset and scripts. I was originally going to make a stealth game and have the character to avoid enemy’s sight and eventually save the VIP. When I get more and more experience with the Unity and Uscrept tool I found out my concept is going to take more time that Im able to have. Therefore I changed my mine to make a game of a clean orb avoiding contaminated rocks. So this game is named Contaminated. So this is my first game and my first asset and level design in a game. enjoy and have fun.


for windows x64_x86


for mac os x64_x86


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Some of my photography work during free time






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production 1 trial video

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Alfred Art Walk Galleries

This gallery contains 5 photos.

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