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Foundation book project linear day


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Journal 5#


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theory of abstraction

In this project, i want to create a abstraction of life. movement, and the circle of life itself. in 120 frames, i want to tell a story about a “thing” being born, and eventually aged.

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Visual Communication project 2. Shape

                                                                                … Continue reading

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Imaginary landscape2

This is my second landscape project. i used over 10 layers to complete the project, i added most of the shadow by drawing on the layers, made the layers even more fit in to each other ( the blue light … Continue reading

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The flip book project.

The artist i have chosen for this project is Otto Mesmer, and the film i used as sample is April Maze (1930).  I like April Maze because it has lots of movement, and the motion in Felix are decent. i … Continue reading

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journal No.2

Danaë, 1907. Private Collection, Vienna painted by Gustav Klimt. When i saw Klimt’s paint at the first time, i have only one word in my mind: gold ; lots of gold. He used gold as the main color in most of his … Continue reading

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