First Project, Name Project. Walter

QQ图片20150907113954  QQ图片20150907114001

                                                                                                             Sand, water color,  15″ X 30″,   2015.

Every name has chosen for a reason, it can be picked by people’s parent, or people him self; no matter how they choose their names, it always meant something.

  I am a student who came from China, a country that i was born, play, and loved. When i first came to America, i figured it was too hard for people to pronounce my name correctly, therefore i decided to name myself in English. I picked Walter as my English name because Walter is only one letter away from water, a symbol of peace and power. the main material i used for this project is sand, the purpose of using sand is to create a imagination of beach and sea. image walking on the beach with bare feet, and feel the wind slowly blow over your face. This peaceful image was the main purpose of this name logo.

the principal of element and design that i used is unity and color. By using the dark brown sand color and blue water color, to create a imagination of beach and sea. The material i used is strongly connected to the idea i want to create. i also used more sand in the middle and less sand in the edge, to create a shape of heaviness. Furthermore, the shape in this logo ( the words and the hand print below) was to create the imagine of a child playing on the beach.

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