journal No.2

1920px-Gustav_Klimt_010Danaë, 1907. Private Collection, Vienna

painted by Gustav Klimt.

When i saw Klimt’s paint at the first time, i have only one word in my mind: gold ; lots of gold. He used gold as the main color in most of his painting. For example, Danaë, painted in 1907. The story in this paint was Zeus transformed in to gold rain to and raped a women called Danae. In this paint, Klimt used gold as the main color; the gold rain, the symbols on the curtain was also gold. Most interesting part is the golden color that Klimt used in his paint was real gold. ignore how rich he was, all of his paint was amazing. form the viewpoint in the principle of design. Color is the most successful part, the gold color in his paint, and the women’s hair color attracted viewers’ attention. Also the line that he used in the women’s hair made it more realistic.

The balance of Klimt’s picture also played a large role. By looking at the picture, the gold rain on the left ,and the curtain on the right equalized the picture. The effect of balance attracted viewers to focus on the middle, which is the women.

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