The flip book project.

The artist i have chosen for this project is Otto Mesmer, and the film i used as sample is April Maze (1930). 

I like April Maze because it has lots of movement, and the motion in Felix are decent. i tried to simulate the Felix’s scary face when it got shocked by the ghost in the sky, and the way it jumps.

My first part contain 58 frames, also a Felix-looking cat, a tree, a bird, and a gift box. My plan was to create animation that the cat get shocked by the scarecrow that comes out of the box. i think the parts that i get particularly smooth motion was between frame15-25 when the cat shocked and jump up high then fall down. i think in order to achieve the smooth motion is to add more detail frames into animation. For example, if i want to create a character moves from one point to another, i will work on the detail on the character’s walking motion and try hard to remain balanced in the distance the character moves between frames.

the part that was less smooth in my first part was from frame 1-15. when the cat awakes from the tree and start walk toward the gift box. i moved too much in frame 1-5, it created lots of shakes and flash between frames. if i can just add more detail between frames it would fix the problem.

the difficult part to animate in my character was the scale of the cat, and the pose when the cat awake and tried to stand up (frame 1-10). and i used lots of time on drawing on the cat. If i can use less lines to create a even simple and smooth lines on the character, it should make it more smooth and easy to animate.

The unclear part in action is between frame6-11, it was the walking part. I think i still need to work on the leg’s movement. If i add more frames in between frames it should fix the problem. in frames 12-25 when the cat character get shocked i use more emotion on the character to create a “shock” looking face. i can add more body motion to create even more shocked.

Part 2:

i did not change the design of the character, however, i change the way to draw the character. i used simpler lines and made it easier to animate, also made it more beautiful. The walking and the shocked motion in part 2 is a big improve from part 1, with more detail between frames in walking process (frame 12-20), and more details added when the cat and the tree (yes, tree too!) got shocked (frame 22-35).

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