Visual Communication project 2. Shape


                                                                                             matte paper and computer paper on the poster board. 24″x36″, 2015


                                                                                       “It’s the life style!”

In this project, I took around 16 pictures around the SLC building,  tried to express the abstract view of life. 

According to the Design By Nature book, black and white is important: “if your design works in black and white, it will work in any color, in any medium, and with any technique.” Therefore, I used black and white mode to make the abstractions, and colored them afterward. In the coloring process, I used some contrasting color to attract the viewer’s attention.

In this project, every processing step is for a reason. I believe black color background can attract viewer’s attention on the art.  Therefore, I decided to use black poster board as the background. The diagonal position of the photos and the arts created a movement in this piece; I believe movement stands for life. In this piece, the photos and the arts also balanced well. I use larger size and less quantity on the photo, more quantity and smaller size on the art to create balance on the project.  This makes the viewer look at the piece in a complete form instead of falling apart.

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