Foundation book project linear day


 image_3 image_2

In this project, i used marker to draw on the matt paper.

the story book is mainly about how i decided to come to U.S. for college.

My first page is talking about i left home and start my journey, i remember that day was raining hard, and my mood wasn’t happy.

second page is about how i choose my path: either stay in China for college or go to U.S. Eventually i decided to go to America.

Third page is about i got approved by the embassy officer; I drew the officer as a hamburger because at that time I though America was mainly eat burger for food. Forth and fifth page is the airport for me to fly to America.

The last page, i finally arrive to the college—Alfred State College. all the knowledge and gold hidden underneath  it waiting for me to discover. here is what i can have my dream comes true.

In this piece of work, i use mainly marker to drew on the paper, i tried to make each individual page more detail as possible, so people can understand the story without word. the harmony of the space of the entire book and the busyness in each page play a important role, made viewer to keep looking at the book and trying to understand the story. Also, i made the rode as a transition thru the page to make each page connected.

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