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Journal 9. &animal research.

Animal chosen: Bearded Vulture.(also named as Gypaetus barbatus) Male bird body lengths are 95 to 125 cm, the female body length are from 1 to 130 cm, with a wingspan of about 235-280 cm, they weigh about 5-7 kg. Body plumage is generally … Continue reading

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Foundation,Gallery write up

download docx here: gallery

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computer animation—political poster

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Visual communication project—T shirt.

In this project, i choose the clock as the object, and “tick tock” as the word in the picture.  A good scale change can make a picture more live, more active. Therefore i used the picture of a surface of … Continue reading

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Foundation Project Chair

          Material: Strathmore paper, 22” x 30” Charcoal The best part of my drawing is the bottom, the use of the highlight on the fold makes it more realistic. Because the blanket is soft, it shows movement through the repeated … Continue reading

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Survey project 3 stop motion write up. and story board

The artist I choose is Norman McLaren. I watched about four of stop motion films that he made. (Neighbors (1952),A Chairy Tale (1957),,Opening Speech,A Phantasy in Colors) These four films influenced me the most.

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Journal 8

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