survey project No.2 abstraction

In this project, I want to express the concept of life. Life circle specifically, it contain birth and death as the main concept. I feel successful in communicating this concept to viewers.

In the research, i found some interesting abstraction that influenced me.

John Whitney-Matrix III (1972), is the first abstraction film that attracted me, the use of different scale hexagon were creative, I tried use some of his idea on my project to create a moving background.Norman McLaren – Dots (1940) is the second abstraction that caught me attention, in this film, the moving dot was the main abstraction, I got influenced by the way dots move and separate apart, i used the same idea in my project to separate “life” apart too.

During the process of project,i used black color as background mainly because I want to create a contract color against white peaces. I used triangle as the main abstraction, as background part and main part. So how can i abstract life? I thought for a long time, and finally I decided to create a image of giving birth and death. I colored two big triangle with different shape as “male” and “female” and the small one as “child”. In frame 40-50, i abstracted the act “giving birth”, a little piece of triangle shows up under “mother”. In frame 86 is when the aging happen. I tried to express the idea of “death” by slowly cutting the “adult” triangle into many fragment (frame 86-109 and frame 120-139). I believe the fragments can stand for the lost of soul. Also I painted black color slowly before the death happen to emulate “aging.” The background pieces (throughout the entire 140 frames)   is to express the idea “passing of time.” Also the movement of the background makes the viewer to focus on the center of the film.

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