Survey project 3 stop motion write up. and story board

The artist I choose is Norman McLaren. I watched about four of stop motion films that he made. (Neighbors (1952),A Chairy Tale (1957),,Opening Speech,A Phantasy in Colors) These four films influenced me the most.

Speak of how Mclaren uses his stop motion technique to create a film that traditional animation cant do, is he using real object and living human being to make film. In his film Neighbors, he used lots of stop motion on the flower and the fighting sense between two man. The best part of stop motion, is that it can do what normal film cant do, such as flying and magic trick. In Mclaren’s film, even stop motion film are very smooth; it almost looks like live action.

In A Chairy Tale and Opening Speech, McLaren used another stop motion technique to create these film. In both of his two films, it was normal black and white video at the beginning, and changed to stop-motion film when the object (chair and microphone) start moving. At that point, Mclaren uses a part of the frame (the person tried to catch the chair) into stop-motion to make the chair “suddenly moved to another position.” This stop-motion technique can be apply to any “magic trick” that people want to do in a film, (example: at the last minute of opening speech, Maclaren used stop-motion to made the people “jumped” in to the screen and turned into words.) its easy and fast.

Also, in Maclaren’s A Phantasy in Colors, he used a totally different style to create this stop-motion film, the entire film contain fast-switched picture. Its too fast and meaning less to make people feel like this film is an abstraction film.


照片 1 照片 2

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