Journal 9. &animal research.

Animal chosen: Bearded Vulture.(also named as Gypaetus barbatus)

Male bird body lengths are 95 to 125 cm, the female body length are from 1 to 130 cm, with a wingspan of about 235-280 cm, they weigh about 5-7 kg. Body plumage is generally dark brown. Their name came from the black beard hanging in the mouth.

They have head with gray color, with a black eye. On their back, neck, chest and abdomen have reddish-brown, with black spots on the back and their chest.

Normally female bird are bigger than male bird. They live at an altitude of 500 to 4000 m mountain Uncovered Rock area.Their nests are located at a cave or protruding cliff, with twigs piled platform. They mainly eat rotted meat for living.

Early 20th century bearded vulture is relatively common bird in some mountain areas of Europe, and later, local people mistakenly believe that they are dangerous birds that kill livestock and started endless bearded vulture hunting,resulting in huge drop in their population.

IMG_1825IMG_1824 IMG_1826IMG_1827IMG_1807

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