Foundation Project Mask

IMG_2323   IMG_2289

When I first time walking into this studio as a student, I was nervous. I have never draw before and I have no idea how to I start learning it. I still remember the first self portrait I have ever draw, it was terrible. During the critique, I saw so many people are higher skill level than me on drawing, that gave me even more hard time on learning drawing, will i be successful, how can I be as great at drawing as they do. Later on, I have learned some basic drawing technique and started to push myself, every drawing I challenge myself to do the most difficult perspective, and tried hard to be the best.

Three months passed without notice, today when I walking into the class room again, I don’t have any nervous, but confident and excitement. I know i was in the right tract, and with more effort and hard work, I will be the top of the class; I am now waiting the next challenge to come, because I know the more challenge I accept, the more successful I will become.

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