Critique for logo

  In the new AFL logo for tyler’s project. I spotted some successful point. First of all, the color, the color he uses is nice looking, I think is because of red and blue are near to each other on the color pallet. Secondly the shape, Tyler uses a football player holding a ball ready to throw pose into the shape of the logo. Its really powerful because the pose in the logo got movement in it. Also the football player split the red and blue color. The general idea of the logo is based on the baseball sport logo; The color uses, and the construction of the logo are similar. The logo is simple, scaleable, descriptive and have use the negative space effectively.

  However, the logo itself are a little bit unclear on the edge of the football player, if the logo can shaper the edge of the football player just like the baseball logo does, it should be better looking. Also more if the process writing is needed.


afl-new-logo As we can see the hand is not clear enough and the body part as well. We can either sharper the picture to make clear edge or simplify the football player.

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