Theory and Knowledge of Typography II

1.the theory of typographic relativity: the understanding of how typography interact with each other to make viewers read more comfortably.

Typography is a live and death relative to any designs. Typography designs need to be easy to read also have connection to the theme.

2.bracketed serif typeface: clarendon hamburgevons

3.unbracketed serif typeface: Big caslon medium

4.slab serif typeface: Alexandria

5.san serif typefeace: bangla sangam MN bold

6.Display type of text usually use for short line reading such as advertising.

7.arguably the biggest impact on the history of type: Helvetic Font

8.Old Style typeface: Bembo, serif

9.transitional typeface:Amercana, bracketed serif

10. Modern typeface: organic typeface.

11.Slab Serif typeface:thick horizontal serif, vertical stress.

12.Humanist typeface: O with a little angle, and the e.

13.geometric typeface: typeface using geometric shape.

14.successfully combining typeface: same type, same high, same gap of typeface.

15.Majuscules: lose typeface.

16.Miniscules: Livory Typeface

17.situation in which you might need to adjust tracking: sometime the when we type a paragraph it will have some loose end word with “-” on it, it made it hard to read so we need to change the tracking of the paragraph to let the loose end match with the word again. quote: curved and tadpole look like quote mark

19.Dumb quote: “”

20. Do and don’t: don’t bold type, if bold needed, go find a bold type. do not use default underline,.

21.An Example of Typographic Hierarchy:




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