Canon character




Character info:

name: Ranvel

age: 17

high: 5’10

weight: 165 lb

habit: video game, swimming.

personality: kind, helpful, calm, silence, eagle-eyed, smart.

Background story:

This land was once a beautiful city. The city has the world’s most advanced technology, such as anti-gravity cars, high-efficiency ultraviolet solar panels; these technologies benefits all people who living in the city; in the result, they live a stable and peaceful day. However,the city does not lack of any greening in it, there is a forest park where located in the center of the city purifying every single bit of the pollution air, the park itself is an idyllic scene, showing a picture of harmony between human and nature.

However, the peacefulness was completely broken in one single winter night. At that night, a rare and powerful snowstorm stroked the city, people can barley see an inch inside the storm, so they had to go home early to shelter at home. Suddenly, a huge lightning strike in the middle of the Lake Forest Park, a wormhole had been created after the lightning strike. what is came out from the inside, was the ultimate nightmare in their entire life.

The next morning, when people wake up early and eating their breakfast as usual, getting ready for work or school, a blast of sound strike right into their ears. People was stunned by the sound, when people trying to figure out where did the sound come out, the same sound strike again. This time people heard more clearly, it was a roar; the roar where people can only hear from the movie, the dragon’s roar. When people wondered and looked toward the source of the roar, they discovered this shocking scene from the sky. From citizen’s fearful eyes, reflected numerous dragon flying above the city, these dragon flapping their wings and the wind pressure was so high that even heavy snow cant even hold together. “I must be dreaming!” Some people said, but what happened next forced everyone to believe that this is true. A group of strange wearing people shows up from the dark side of the forest park, they holding a staff look like wooden stick and started murmuring, then turned the city’s most important tower, also the tower that city’s most proud of: The solar power storage tower into a piece of dust, along with the people who work inside the tower. The city’s electric power was now offline. Stunned citizens standing on the side of the street, looking at the city which turned into darkness, and hearing the roaring from those dragons in the sky, they have to believe what they have seen. The next second, men and women and children started scream hopelessly, desperate people ran all across the city trying to escape from this catastrophe. And these “magicians” who just came out of the forest part one hour ago, had given their first order to the dragons, destroy. Dragons started burning and crushing everything, buildings, statues, cars, and people on sight. The dragon generates green fire from their chest, then release them through their mouth, the green fire was so high temperature that even still can melt in second. The “magicians” continue marching to the center of the city, and turn every hopeless citizens they have seen into a piece of dust.

The massacre lasted for several hours. St noon, the military had finally involved, countless fully loaded tanks and helicopters and jets marching toward the city like a giant fortress of steel, mighty into the city. The survivors saw the arrival of the army as their savior and the last hope, they ran to the army  base camp on their fastest speed of their life. The nurse in the base camp was shocked that people can run that fast in a desperate situation. Counterattack had began, countless missiles and bullets launched toward the magician troops like the rain in the middle of a storm, the sound of the blast overshadowed the dragon’s roar, and the explosion causing the Fugitive dust for one hundred meter high. “Target hit!” Along with the artillery reports, the generals who directing this battle  was relieved. He sat down on his sits, started drank  coffee silently. A second later, the general’s coffee cup fell on the ground and broken into places. soldiers saw the despair look from the general’s face. on the screen, the general saw the troop of magician marching and slowly without a single scratch on their face. Their clothes did not even stick even one single peace of the dust. A curved and translucent fence surrounded the entire magicians troop. The general simply could not believe nor enplane what was happening in all sorts of supernatural phenomenon. But as a general, he must take responsibility for all of the causes, including failure. So the generals ordered all troops to retreat with the survivors right away, and cease fire until the specialist find out what were those trick that the magicians doing. Troops and survivors retreated to a place where one kilometer away from the city. Leaving the empty cities and magicians, as well as the dragons standing tall building and howling endlessly. This piece of land, was no longer peaceful.

    Character’s story

He was one of the survives from that Blizzard incident (what people called the slaughter later on). After a few month of sadness and shocking from hims parents’ death, he decided to join the special force against the magicians.


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