Project Comic


Creation Story:  Pan Gu and Nü Wa (

Culture: China

I choose this story not only because i am a Chinese, more because i am proud of my country and five thousand years of its history.

When first time i started to think about the panel and how to form them together, i cant think of any good idea of the panel to express the story. Then I started to think about make each panel part of the composition. In order to show the scale of the “Giant” I make panel 6 become the body of the comic and the background. Use panel 1-5 as little windows to tell the story.  About how I color this picture, I want to try something new and use Prismacolor marker to color this comic picture. I did lots of research on how to color with marker, and I tried my best on it.

I use Scene-to-Scene technique to draw this comic for better understand. Start from the top center, and read clock wise, then read the whole picture, readers will get a pretty good idea of what is happening on the story.

I tried to research lots of “old drawing style” about Chinese myth, and i discovered that spiral plays a important role in Chinese myth, it represent chaos, which important in the early of a creation story. On the cloud, I use 5 different color to represent 5 different element that PanGu have separated. Yellow stands for wind, Green stands for plants, Blue stands for rain, Gray stands for chaos, and Purple stands for scourge.


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