3D Design Final Gallery

Figurative Sculpture


This vase is just a plane vase, but with projector, it can create a illusion that the vase have paint on it. On the wall, we can see that the bigger “vase” cover with the small vase’s shadow, created a good composition.

Sculpture using primarily point, line, and plane


On This wall ,we can see lots of different piece of clay piece that has been pined on the wall. Creating a plane with composition, those different color make people think of space.

Sculpture using primarily rhythm and balance


On this one, balance is its main theme, we can see two bucket with two different kind of texture sits on two side of the bar, and they balanced perfectly.

Sculpture using primarily volume


I do believe that this piece gives people volume. With a repeatedly  picture of pomegranate and with different scale, created a image of loud and impact redness.

Sculpture using primarily scale change


Scale change plays a important role on this art. With different scale of “flowers” we can see though them and understand the different between each single individuals.

An example of modular design


On this one, the building look like piece is made out of wood module, they combine together, and one is much higher than others, created a sense of city. The green color projected on those module gives people another feeling of this little “city.”

Sculpture using space (primarily)


On this one, the entire area are considered as one piece of art. Using mainly space, viewers can walk into the piece and feel the space between each individual inside. When I wank into it, I feel like im standing on a deck of a boat.

Sculpture creating movement


From my point of view, I can only see this is something flowing on a white liquid. However, this is why it created movement, flowing.

Sculpture using primarily color


This piece give me a sense of a toy on a park for children to play. It use mainly red yellow and green color to create a “sense of childhood, the color of happiness and joy.

Sculpture using primarily texture


A toy bear is just a toy, but a wood carved toy bear is something else, on this piece, wood is the main texture, raw wood make those toy bear more natural, and those different pose of those bear does seems fun to look at.

Sculpture using pattern


Pattern is the only composition i can see on this piece, with different pattern of line coming across the board, created a good picture.

Sculpture using primarily mixed media


This sculpture using multiple media to create a robot look like cup. The reason I think it is robot look like because it have a brain look like stuff on the top.

Sculpture primarily conceptual


On this piece, the concept of it are clear, it gives people a sense of a slaughterhouse, make people feel uncomfortable  by looking at “raw meat.” Perhaps this art is trying to convincing people to eat less meat, and kill less animals.

Sculpture using time and motion


These type of television gives people a feeling of “old.”


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