Gallery write up for Art History 2 (1)


On March 7, I watch the Voluntary Memories Gallery set in Alfred State College, this gallery is created by Alysia Kaplan, a interdisciplinary artists in Rochester. In this gallery, most of her work are photography. There are color ones and black and white. When i trying to read and understand the gallery, i read start from the name of the gallery, which is Voluntary Memories.

This gallery is based on memories, according to Kaplan, the moment when she took those photos there are not much meaning of it, however, when she took more and more picture and put them together, it become a series of her memory. When i take a look at the style, the color in all of those pictures, most of them are intended to have a history kind of feeling in all of her pictures.

When i look at those pieces, it make me flash back to my memories, I remember when i was young, my parents took lots of picture of me, and those pictures share the same style as Kaplan’s work.

There is also video showing at the center of the gallery, mostly black and white, minor color. Kaplan took a series of different video pieces to make them playing one after another, they dont have connections, at least i think they dont. But they all share the same style and pace. In my understanding, this can be an extent of the still image, to make people understand more about Kaplan’s memory also their owns.




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