Gallery write up for Art History 2 (2)


Core Sample additional findings Gallery is the second in a series of exhibitions that explore the permanent collection of Alfred Ceramic Art Museum. All of its work are based on porcelain. With porcelain, you can make tones of different art in it, its a great material to play with when you have ideas.

DSC_0227.JPGThe first piece i want to talk about is this piece,  first eye i see it, looks like a huge cake with blueberry covered on top. It does look delicious to be honest, but even it is a real food i wouldn’t eat it. This beautiful piece shows three helpless man on a small boat try desperately to go to this island on the edge.  The detail of this piece is fantastic, look at the sail on the little boat, it looks like there is a actual wind that pushing the sail to make the boat move on, the blue porcelain that used to make sea also have different layer of blue and green on it to make it as realistic as it can.


The second piece i would like to talk about is Lee Somers’s Scape IV, this porcelain piece was created in 1977. It looks like a combination of lots of porcelain debris, within these chaos, there is order in this piece. Most picture in those debirs are mountains, and many paintings are black and blue ink painting in ancient Chinese style. This piece created a comfortable color range for people to see, when you see it as a whole it will become a complete whole, when you look closer, the detail start to show up. I took the most time standing in front of this piece tried to study the detail, and it become even more interesting.


This is a porcelain made broken cello. By the texture and the “damage” on this cello, it looks like just got salvaged from deep sea or a abandon village. This piece have done a successful job to tell the age of this “cello”, when i look closer, there is even “spider web” made by small net, all those crack look extreme realistic, you can see the age on this cello and the hard work that the artists have put on.


There are many more other fantastic porcelain art piece in this gallery, it really attracted my eyes and i truly learn a lot from those piece.  I feel like can communicate to the artists through the piece they make. Some are informative, some are with a specific mood, and some are to make people think. It was raining hard when i came to the gallery, but bad weather doesn’t stop me from attend this gallery and its totally worth to go.

more pictures:

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