Interactive Design Lectures and Workshops (1)


Today i attended the 2017 DMA Senior Showcase in Llewellyn Gallery at Set building, Alfred State College. In this gallery, all of the work pieces are created by Seniors and I truly learned a lot from those works.


The first work that caught my eyes are these series of sky and cloud images. they are separated into 5 individual images. it doesn seems to have connection even thought i tried to put them together in my mind. However, it does give people space of imagination outside of picture. I let my imagination out when i watch these images and i can see a entire wall of sky and clouds. The color usage in these pictures are also comfortable, no matter how long I stare at these pictures, I never feel tired.


Gaming is the top tier entertainment subject in 2017. Most of games are focus on more and more realistic as the processor can handle. However, pixel art or pixel game are also important in today because it focus on interactive rather than graphic. Pixel can also have extreme smooth animation because it easier to animate compare to others. Pixel game also bring us to way back of history when the game first came out, and it let us have the feeling of playing in history. Because of Pixel game are focus on the game-play other than graphic, it always make player enjoy while playing it.

Its very impress that every year there is amazing work showing up on senior showcase and every year I learn some more.  I am looking forward to see more of amazing work in next year.

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