Interactive Design Lectures and Workshops (2)



Today i attended the Abject Architect Landscape Survey one gallery created by Lee McCormick Griggs hosted in Alfred University Gallery. Lee is a designer and artist who born in November 28, 1988. He has many beautiful work and it really amaze me when I attended this gallery.


Many work that Lee has in this gallery are installation work(I think). But he also have beautiful painting. This piece is one of the landscape painting which amazed me. If you look at the number of colors on the sky, and the wide scale of the scale compare to the small ground, you will know its focus on the dawn scene. It looks to have two complete different color range from left to right but the blended in perfectly.


This work is the one which confused me the most. In my understanding it is just a piece of rock. But why Lee choose this rock compare to millions of other rock that looks similar? I took a closer look and found out there is more on the detail of the surface of the rock, It was amazing that a single rock have such texture and shape. It looks just like a meteorite that just fell on the earth.

Lee’s gallery and his work are widely covered many field and each field have one or two that I feel fantastic and I am so glad to attend this gallery. I hope Lee will come again next time and bring us some more new art piece that I can learn from.

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