Alfred Art Walk Galleries


On this Saturday I attend the Alfred Art Walk event, there are about 8 galleries presenting art works all around the Alfred town.

For me, I attended two galleries at the main street.

The first gallery I went are more like a gift shop, all of its work inside the gallery are for sale as well. There are lots of fine work and some of them are abstract and patterned. Others are oil paint and wood craft.

The second gallery I went is the one which attracted me the most. The Part Of Sight/ Real Lookers gallery. This gallery are hosted by two different artists.


The first artists Liz Ainslie focusing mostly on abstract and pattern using different line, color and scale to create a pattern of harmony, created a special scene inside the room.

The second artists are mostly focus on photography work on objects.  She putted different photography on different object that have different texture on it, to create a special point of view. Such as putting food image on a plate, will create a strange scene knowing plate are the container for food, image a real food on this plate and a picture of food lay inside the plate. She also took photographs that contain lots of information in it, and create a chaos scene in these pictures. Both artists are talented and creative, they took mostly what we think is daily normal, tune them into beautiful art works. I did learn a lot and took inspiration from those art work and it will sure help me a lot in my future works.


About WalterLiu

A motion graphic designer currently studying in Alfred State College. email:
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