Production II [Archetype: River]

The archetype i choose for this project is river. which is represent the circle of life and death. the first half of the video, the death, I use many layer “dying” one by one to not only represent the last moment of memory, also states the failing of a human’s organ.  I choose to use the bridge as the last scene before black out, its because the bridge symbolize the pathway to  after life (Asian mythology ).

In the second part of the video, the reborn part. I choose the forest scene to indicate a sense of reset or back to start point. Forest is a primal environment, away from those “”man made” urban environment to give a feeling of start from zero.



Camera movement:

By utilize the camera movement to indicate the “death” motion in first person point of view,




use layering to create a sense of disorienting scene and having the layer “die” out one by one to indicate the failure of organs.


Linear motive:


using tree trunk to separate space and prospective.


About WalterLiu

A motion graphic designer currently studying in Alfred State College. email:
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