Production II project : Public Service Announcement

In this project, we are making a short film about public service announcement to bring up attention on the discovery of the universe.

In order to bring up the idea smoothly, I created a script about two people talking about the universe and aliens. As they start to talk deeper into the scene, the more “thought” has been bring up, and the scene transfer to the forest. Forest scene is when we trying to simulate the environment of a universe, full of unknown and danger, the idea is to have viewer have more clear idea of what the story is talking about.


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Special Topic: VR

In this semester’s Special Topic class, I was luck enough to have a chance to learn deep inside a virtual reality world. I got to experience the VR world, and be able to create some interesting 2D arts and 3D prints.

I am not experienced with 3D modeling, but in VR world, there is no limitation and all kinds of difficult tools to restrain you from creating the object you want. In VR world you can create anything easily like playing with clay, difference software can have difference experience in terms of creating something. The software I use the most is “Google Block.” It allows you to create lots of beautiful scene, object with low poly, I personally find that low poly looks great when creating airplanes and spaceships. So I create a scene with airplanes and a 3D print with a spaceship.

The VR gallery was hosts in small event space in Student Leadership Center. We put most of our best work over there to have different people come look at and enjoy the virtual world we have created.

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Layered Time Final Project and Documentation

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Layered Time final project process

All of the photo are edited and all cut outs have been made, there are total of 17 photos. three samples are shown as below to give an idea of how the cut outs should look like.

the next step is to put them into after effect, connect these 17 pictures into animation, and tell a story about my childhood.

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Motion Graphic: Explanation

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Motion Graphic: Accentuating Action

Revised Version:



First version:



Video clip (not yet using after effect):

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[Layered Time] Personal: Biography

Walter Liu

Chinese Graphic Designer


Walter is a Graphic Designer now dedicated to motion graphic design. Walter has mostly done motion graphic (3D/2D) works for the past couple years, mainly using After Effect. He is a fan of technology and always eager to learn techniques about motion graphic and  VFX effect and how modern movies were made. Walter came to America at 2011, before he was attending high school in China and heavily influenced by Asian culture. When he came to America, he was also influenced by western culture. Currently he is exploring ways to mix these culture differences in his work.

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