[interactive media] Animal Interactive project Documentation and Reflection

[less shaky version]

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[Production I] Music Video


On this project we have been assigned to use a self-created music as background, and make a video that matches the music. When I was doing to music part, i didn think about the video much, so it kind of giving me a hard time to find a good materiel that match the video. I decided to record my game play on Final Fantasy 14, and use some match cut technique to match the music.

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Interactive media Aviary game pre-production 1

Above are the asset i have made so far for the design of the environment in the game should mostly look like.

we were assigned to a biologist and a coder to develop a educational game for 3-10 years old kid, and the animal is Aviary, we have 4 different kinds of species, Scarlet Ibis,  Superb Starling, Spotted Thick-Knee and Hybrid Whistling Ducks. Each birds has their own personalities, therefore in the game we will mostly focusing on how the birds interact with each other.

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Interaction Review 2——Analyzing the Juice

The first game i want to talk about base on juiciness is a game call “Beat Hazard,” This game came out in 2010, so its relatively old, I played this game when it first came out, and i found lots of juiciness in this game. First of, this game is a space shooter game, but here is the different, the game operates on music, different music have different enemy and difficulty and here is more, you can play with your own music, which means you can use your own music on your computer, and play it in the game, different music rhythm and pace can have totally different difficulty in game. About juiciness in stage, there is actually a lot, the most juiciness in this game are lights, light flashes based on the music and the enemy you killed, the game are extremely flashy and i found it attracting.


The second game, a touch screen game that i like is “crusader quest,” its a online cell phone game with lots of juiciness in it. The game is based on pixel art, and the stage of the game is to control your troops to defeat the enemy, it looks like a bit side-scroll ish but you cant control your characters, you only get to control them to use ability to fight. On the “home” scene, before going to war or fight, when you touch any part of the screen, there will always be a feedback to users, during fight, if you hit the skills on the bottom, the character will cast it imminently, and if the skill killed the monster, there will be some visual rewards like flashing light and fireworks. If you stacked multiple skills and casts them together (smashing the screen), you will see all kinds of spells and colors flashing the same time and its always exciting to watch.

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Interaction Reviews 【1】

  1. A game that can play forever.

any game that is sandbox based game can be play forever, im here using a game called “rimworld” as an example. Rimworld is a sandbox based survive game, but not like other sandbox survive game that you get to control a character, in Rimworld you need to control lots of character, order them to do stuff. The major interaction is as a player, you can order your “villager” to build house, bulid defense, and farm, make sure “villagers” are fed well and comfortable. you can set your villager’s work priority, therefore with your interaction for example, you order them to build a house, villagers will follow the priority to decide should i build the house imminently or later. The reward for this game is not imminently rewards, as a player, you kinda get it slowly when a player see your village been build the way a player wanted slowly and peacefully. In Rimworld, all the event are randomized, so a player will not know what will happen next, there maybe good thing or bad thing will happen in the next minute, so a player need to get ready for everything.


2. A game that frustrates you.

There are lots of game that frustrates me, but there are a game that frustrates me the most, its called “I wanna be the guy,” I wanna have many series, most made by many players, the main goal of this game is to frustrates people as hard as they can, therefore “I wanna” have tones of punishments and little rewards. “I wanna,” is a side-scrolling game like Mario, you control the character to concur each check point, the frustrating part is, there are always trap that a player can never expect it, even a player know there is a trap, it always require some decent controlling of the character to make pass it, and there is not a lot of save points, therefore even you made it through the first trap, if you died at the third trap, you will need to restart again. However, the control of the character is neat and clean, the character react to your key press imminently.

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[Interactive Media] Tactical RPG asset process 2

health bar (1)

after a few discussion with group member and the CIT team, we conclude that a vertical health bar beside the character in the map will help player to see each character’s health clearly so a player dont have to take a second look for each character’s health. when i made the health bar, i go through lots of option, but eventually i decided to stick with the hand draw style to match the character, I also focusing on the scale on the health bar to make sure it will still be easy to see when in small size.

damage number skin.png


damage number examplehealing number example

When we talking about how to make the game more juicy, we think that it might look better to have a damage number pop up every time a character get hurts or heals. So a player can know exactly how much health did a character lose, and how much healing a character get. I prefer some bouncing animation when showing these damage number so it will attract attention and make the game a little bit juicy.



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[Production 1] music video part 1, music


Tools: FL Studio, Audition.



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